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In which we cover a lot of ground…

… under a big sky.

We don’t have to get up early today. Which is good. It’s been a lot of early mornings.

Except I forgot and left an alarm on. Rats.

Our only plan for today involves covering a lot of distance. About 360 miles in all.

We leave sagebrush hills, stopping to see elk as we leave Gardiner, then head north and west in turns.

Wide open prairies. Cool rivers and mountains.

Still more open land, rolling hills of yellow wheat grain. A mountain pass of layered craggy mountains. A little town, at last, for gas and food. Then more open land, horizon to horizon, green pastures for cattle.

Cows. Horses. Cows. A few deer.

The Rockies begin to loom, white-faceted and majestic. Blackfeet reservation. Bison refuge.

Glacier Park Lodge.

Three un-elevatored floors later we are in our room. A quick tour of the hotel grounds, a preliminary dinner plan made, cups of wine make a relaxing evening.

2 thoughts on “In which we cover a lot of ground…”

  1. The FBI is asking for help from people who were in Yellowstone National Park on Sept. 8, 2019, the same day that investigators believe Lori Daybell visited the park with her now missing children


    1. Unfortunately we were there a week earlier and would be unable to help. My posts only go up after I return from a trip. But thank you for the information.


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