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In which we make our way to Yellowstone

On our way out of town we pick up some essentials. Windex wipes for the car windows. Ice. Wine.

You know, basic stuff that the pioneers would have needed as well.

We head north through the Grand Tetons again – the only way to get from here to there, stopping to see some of what we missed yesterday. The Craig Thomas Visitor Center. The Signal Mountain Summit.

Mount Moran from Signal Mountain

Dad and I see a beaver swimming on a quiet stretch of river but by the time we pull off and get to the edge, there’s no sign of it. Not surprising; at about the same time someone else starts throwing sticks into the river for their dogs to fetch.

We stop in the last gift shop before we exit the park northbound, and their system is down. No signal, no boot up, no purchase possible.

Well, rats.

It’s just 8 miles north on the John D Rockefeller Jr Memorial Highway, and then we…

Wait in an interminable, miles-long line to enter Yellowstone. We wonder if their network is down too.

We pop into Grant Village for lunch — fish and chips for mom and I, some kind of bison bratwurst for dad — and then stroll the West Thumb geyser basin for their first taste of the geothermal activity here in the park.

Black Pool in West Thumb Basin, Yellowstone National Park

We decide to head back from there toward the Old Faithful Inn, our home for the next two nights.

It’s just 17 miles from West Thumb to Old Faithful, but it’s not fast miles. We get caught in an Elk Jam briefly – just able to make out the large bull on the woods to our left. We hope for but for but don’t see any other wildlife, but decide to make it an early morning tomorrow since dawn and dusk are supposed to be optimal for that.

We arrive to Old Faithful in time to see the next estimated eruption of Old Faithful (right on time), Tetris our belongings upstairs, and head out to visit the general store for souvenirs and a light dinner (chicken caesar salad for Mom, a bison burger that Dad and I share).

Old Faithful

Back to our room to finish settling. A minor operation on Dad’s glasses is successful , thank you Jesus.

There’s no TV, no WiFi, no A/C. But there are hotspots visible out back, and stars that are unbelievably bright and clear, and three tired people planning to get up at Crazy O’Clock to try to see animals in the morning.

Evening out back of our room

## IRL: happy birthday, Vinnie!

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