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In which we learn French explorers had not seen a woman in a while

I wake in the dark and silent world of…

Oh, wait. I have earplugs in.

Still dark, not silent but very quiet.

Dad is up already, and in the next room getting himself ready to find coffee and a paper. 6:15am.

We signed up for 8am breakfast but by 7:30 we are all in the main house, sipping coffee and easing into the morning.

They serve a fine breakfast at the Huff House

After a delicious if oversized breakfast (none of us finishes), we head out to see the Grand Tetons.

Which comes from the name the French explorers gave it originally: the Three Breasts.

The mountains are beautiful and majestic and not at all reminiscent of breasts. I suspect those explorers had not seen a woman in a while.

The Shoshone called it something that had more to do with many pinnacles. Far more apt.

We see a beaver dam, pronghorn and bison in the distance, as we loop from Jackson to Moran Junction to Lake Jackson, to Lake Jenny and down to Moose Junction.

Then we meet our group for a Snake River scenic float tour with Triangle X. Our captain is John, and the strong winds today mean he has to fight every minute we are on the river to keep us where we should be.

He works hard but we have it easy, watching the river and the mountains, hoping for a glimpse of moose (not today) or eagles (several soaring overhead).

After our float tour we head back to Huff House for showers before we head out for the BarJ Chuckwagon.

I briefly misplace Dad (really he went to run an errand and I worried like a crazy person for No Reason Whatsoever) but then we settle in for a cowboy dinner and show.

Fun, funny, enjoyable in every way. A good time was had by all.

After dinner it was a short hop back to the Inn to settle in and…

We are all very ready for bed.