Stuff I haven’t said because I was posting Hawaii stuff

Hawaii was amazing. My time with my first beautiful niece was amazing.

But while I’ve been telling that story I didn’t say (at least not here):

  • Happy Father’s Day to my Dad!
    (And also to all the Good Men in my life who are also Great Dads.)
  • Happy Birthday to my Sister! ❤️
  • Happy Birthday to Miss Lynn!
  • Congratulations to the literally about-to-be-newly-weds!

Thankful for all the ways I am blessed to have you in my life, and praying for blessings from above to all of you as well!


3 thoughts on “Stuff I haven’t said because I was posting Hawaii stuff”

  1. Your first beautiful niece is one lucky niece. She has a such a wonderful and loving aunt. — PT.


  2. I aim to aspire to your loving impact for my nieces and nephews and, even now, my second generation (GREAT) nieces and nephews. ❤️


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