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“Planes are stupid”

That is a direct quote from the most upbeat person ever. It’s not just me – travel IS often the worst part of traveling!

It’s our last day so we ease into the morning then go check out and have a kukui lei farewell ceremony from the hotel.

Our flight (ugh, flights) is not until tonight so we have held off the visit to the aquarium – Maui Ocean Center – until it would be on the way to the airport.

And this right here is the reason I didn’t want D swimming so far out or too late in the day. Stay out dem oceans! Oh, yeah, or rough water or rip tides or… you know, anything at all not good.

We really enjoyed the aquarium and looped it twice with lunch in the middle before we decided we had milked all the value from our tickets and the coolness factor of sharks and sting rays.

We made one stop at Walmart for some last minute essentials, and then we headed over to the airport to drop off the car and check in.

Checkin went ok but I lost my jar of lilikoi jelly (D and I maintain that’s not a liquid, but TSA gets to decide not us … it was over 3 oz so that was a sad loss.)

Then we holed up on the floor next to an outlet to pass some time before departure.

D only got a couple of catnaps the entirety of our first flight, I didn’t sleep at all.

Our connection had stretched from 2 to 4 hours (apparently the earlier flight had been cancelled somewhere along the way in our planning). We switched up our stomachs and held off to have lunch based on the time at home vs current.

We both got on the final flight and promptly dropped off for a pre-takeoff nap (we didn’t even feel the half hour delay). I stayed up the rest of the flight but D was in and out most of the flight — poor sweetheart had hit the wall after a full day up and going.

Finally finally, we arrived home to her parents and sister picking us up, taking us all over to my parents’ place for a combo Fathers Day / birthday celebration.

And it was good.

And we are home.

And we are tired.

And we are blessed.

God is so good.