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Stay out dem oceans

So, we had a plan for this free day. We would swim in the morning – plenty of time for suits to dry – then maybe go back into Lahaina and stroll around the afternoon.

We were getting up and pulling ourselves together when I saw the flashing message alert on the phone.

Hazardous sea conditions; do not go in the water.

Well, the best laid plans…

So instead we decided to drive over to the middle of the island and visit a botanical garden.

Enjoyable… but we probably spent more time getting back than actually walking it. Traffic was buggah.

When we got back in the afternoon though, the red flags were back to yellow and we could reapply sunscreen and hit the beach!

The waves were a bit rougher than our other days at the beach (a lot of me telling D not to go swimming off to Tahiti – I ruin all the fun!) and then we went to the pool. Some swimming, some poolside food, some more silliness together at the pool … and then it was time to clean off, dry off, and get ourselves to (yawn) bed …

One last time here.

Special love to this lady for inspiring the title of this post: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=boV0t-riFuw