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Adventures over and under the sea

The adventure for today is the big one – a sailing day to Lanai with snorkeling and snuba (firsts for us both).

We get there early- because if I’m not early I worry about being late – and have time to see the giant banyan tree and have a breakfast stop to ensure we’re settled for sailing. (Also both wearing our SeaBands, of course.)

The journey asea begins with us all motoring across to Lanai. It’s a couple of hours really but goes by like nothing. After a while we clamber down to the netting on deck, where sea spray occasionally gets us a bit wet, but it’s refreshing and D is so lit-up that it’s beautiful to see.

We have a few minutes of pre SNUBA instructions from our dive leader. We’ll be the only ones in our group that haven’t even snorkeled before, so he puts us in the later group so we can acclimate a bit first.

I struggle with breathing through my mouth, and to remember not to panic when I get salt in my mouth – it’s in my control if I would just stay calm.

For D the main problem with snorkeling is that she’s finally out so far, but between the float and the snorkel gear she can’t dive down and see things on her own.

All that will change when we switch to SNUBA. They get weights on us to make it easier to sink down, attach us to floats with our air tanks, and take us out.

D needs a bit of time to adjust but I am really struggling. Even with the weights I can’t swim down more than a foot or two, and I seem to get discombobulated and rise up. Our dive instructor is patient with me, while he moves everyone else along. Finally he takes the weights off me, so I can stay near the surface. “You can super-snorkel,” he says. Without the weights I am always at the surface – but in a little while I realize that if I just make myself stay horizontal, I’m fine. It’s when I turn myself vertical I get panicky.

So from the surface I peer down swimming directly above the group as they explore, and can watch D, little mermaid that she is, exploring and marveling at the bright yellow and blue fish swimming there.

She’s a natural!

Afterward there’s a light meal (not bad, but not exciting – something to nibble for active bodies) and some free time before we sail back.

This is actually me from the distant background of D snorkeling
I’m high above the others at the surface, but I’m finally breathing properly and enjoying the experience
Awesome mermaid

Part of the trip is by motor again, but a portion is sailing. D has positioned herself on the netting – she will be soaked through before we get back. I join her there but when it gets wet enough I climb up only to find the seats are getting wet with spray too.

Still, we don’t mind. It was a fabulous day – we regret nothing and agree we would both give Trilogy a 5/5 recommendation. Still, it’s early evening when we get back to our car, and we are both so happy, and also so looking forward to showers and dry clothes!

My little mermaid happily sings songs from The Little Mermaid in the shower.

We do wander out for a more substantial meal a little later – after sunset because neither of us needs more sun or can bear to put sunscreen back on. A little shopping, a little ice cream, a little giggling, and it’s snuggles and bedtime and …

💤 💤 💤 💤 💤

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