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Here there be dragons (teeth)

It’s our free day – the only firm thing we have scheduled is the luau tonight. But we need our swimsuits dry for tomorrow so we spend just the morning on the beach. The waves are only rough at the water’s edge, at the shelf where the shore drops steeply off. There really is no wading today; we both swim. It’s so smooth and so clear that I know D would swim far far out if I didn’t wave her back – I’m afraid of what else swims even if she is convinced she’d see and escape first. NOPE.

After we come in we pull ourselves together to get some lunch at a kitschy little place north of us, grab some water and assorted sundries- and ice cream or shave ice.

Then we drive up to take a small hike to find the dragon’s teeth.

On the way we veer from the path to cut across dry lava rocks, so that we have to climb up into the jaws of the dragon – easier for D than for me, but we make it!

(That climb was fine going up but I was firmly set against us doing it in reverse… no fun, me!)

We also found and walked the labyrinth:

D walked the whole loop around. I might have taken a shortcut.

After our hike it was time to get ready for the luau.

We tried virgin mai tai’s, and lava flows (and a few others) and tried a small hula lesson before settling in for dinner and the show.

D liked the lava flows and the lemon dessert, and says the pork was pretty good too. I liked the salad, the pork and the steak. We both enjoyed the dinner show as well but by the time it was over, bed was very very welcome.