Montreal, Old and New

I’d chosen a hotel in the heart of Vieux Montreal so we could do a self paced walking tour, similar to the one from my guidebook so many years ago.

So we are up in time to have the breakfast, and know we need to make our way back in time to retrieve the car from the parking lot, but otherwise it is up to us.

(We do have a momentary sad about the fact that the food tour in Vieux Montreal doesn’t run on Sunday, because we had such a good time in Quebec yesterday – but not enough to look for the End Mile tour.)

So we wander the streets of Old Montreal from Place d’Armes and the Basilique-Cathedrale Notre Dame, snaking through the streets down to the Commune and the waterfront.

Like yesterday in QC, the forecast had been for rain- and like yesterday in QC, we get sunny skies for our walk.

We trek a more direct route afterwards to the hotel to collect our car. Still hours left to explore Montreal, so we go to Mont Royale for a short visit, then circle the Parc Olympique.

Finally, we trek back across the city for another bowl of the pad thai we so enjoyed at Pub Saint Pierre yesterday, before we begin our trek south across the border so we can visit a friend in upstate NY tomorrow.

We get checked in with a bonus free drink at the restaurant across the lot, and settle in for our last night of the trip.