flotsam, ups and downs

In which I fly. Or at least I try.

For Christmas, a friend of mine gave me an experience.

Actually she gave me a shareable experience, courtesy of iFly.

My brother in law and two nieces came with me, and we each had two turns at the indoor skydiving.

Toward the end of my first try I pretty much wanted to get out. The instructor kept giving me the “relax” signal, but it’s loud and breathless, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue.

But I was just the first of our group to go. Everyone would get a chance to assess for themselves.

By the second flight I’d started to figure out how to remember to breathe in the wind, and it was a lot more fun. Plus we did a brief high fly, which was cool, fun, a bit dizzying. So glad I tried!

After we’d all finished our flights, our instructor popped in alone and showed us what a pro can do in there.

Very Cool!

I don’t know how soon I would try it again, but I’m glad I gave it a go! My BIL seemed to have a similar perspective – glad we tried, not something we’d do regularly.

But the girls seemed to have had a good time adventuring together.

Which is all I could ask. 😀

Woot! Adventure!