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Disembarkation, Departure and Disease

We have to be out of our cabin by 8am so the stewards can prep for the next people.

Breakfast is a simple affair- half staff at the kitchen and dining because this is their crazy day.

I’m not that hungry, and just want a bit of protein and caffeine and some water for my slightly scratchy throat.

We run into Joyce on our way in. She has a distracted look because she’s anxiously hoping to find another of our dinner group, whom she’s offered a ride to Ft Lauderdale airport en route home.

She sits with us and soon enough 2 more of our usual crew join, so that it is almost – almost – a reunion.

Getting off the ship is easy enough as long as you don’t have to wait for a restroom (ha!)

Our luggage retrieved, we bid our new friends a final farewell and snake our way through customs and into the port area. We find a Lyft and head over to Havana Harry’s again, because why not linger over the last chance at great Cuban food and music before we trek back to airports for evening flights?

We learned our lesson from our outbound visit and split appetizers and an entree rather than get separate meals. Then we kill more hours by splitting desserts but we don’t realize each one is big enough to serve 4 people.


We barely make a dent and that’s probably for the best.

We change into warmer clothes in anticipation of the winter storm blowing at home. The final Lyft gets us to Ft Lauderdale airport with so many hours to spare that S can’t check in at first. We find a corner to relax and read. I’m losing my voice for some reason, how strange.

Our gates are side by side so we get to hang out for our respective flights. We’re just reading, parallel play, both aware that it’s going to be strange not to be around each other full time when we get home.

Her flight is first. Safe travels S!

Mine leaves an hour later, but I beat her home.

By then I have no voice at all, and the headache I thought was travel tension is the start of congestion pressure that is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

But I’m home.

And home after a grand adventure is very good.


PS I have been home for almost 2 weeks as I type this. And I almost feel like a person again, and I almost have my voice back, and I am hopeful that I might even be fit to be among people one day soon.  😀

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