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Havana Night

Our evening tour options were the Tropicana (very touristy, very kitschy, and very spendy) or an alternate venue for an evening of music.

The latter choice being a smaller venue and less risk of wardrobe malfunction. Ha!

We choose the smaller venue and catch a bus across town to Havana Riviera.

The acts are well known — though not to us — and thoroughly enjoyable. And yes, I do dance in my chair, and yes, I do join the dance line as it snakes around the room, and no I do not go up on stage.

I blame the toe and not the lack of rhythm but to be honest both as equally true.

Still, we have a wonderful time and if I can figure out how to add audio here I will!

Then it is back to the ship, sleepy and happy and one last day (very early, very full) day to look forward to!