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Cozumel for Tulum

When we booked the trip, aside from our final port of call, this one was what S was most interested in. She’d dived caves in Mexico years ago but was looking forward to the ruins at Tulum. For me, Mexico was the least-interesting stop (only because it’s the only port of call in a country I’d already been to) but I haven’t been to this area either.

Independently we each tagged Tulum as our desired excursion and each gave the other a side-eye on whether we were just accommodating each other.

Nope. Excitement abounds. And so off we go!

Cozumel is the port of call, and it’s a good 45-60 minutes ferry ride to get from there to the mainland, and then an hour bus ride to the ruins. They give us a box lunch to keep us going, and off we go.

It’s hot and bright, ocean breezes are so very welcome. It’s a lot of walking, but S is gracious about my pace.

There’s shopping outside and a free tasting of tequila (which surprisingly S enjoys and I do not).

The reverse trip is quiet as nearly everyone nods off. We get back with just time to change for dinner, and to coordinate our plans for tomorrow.

Because tomorrow we get to our final port of call for 2 days. And I can hardly wait!

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  1. As I remember it from the President’s Club trip in ’03. A beastly hot day, with beautiful blue ocean vista on other side of the cliff. And a long bus ride back!


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