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Grand Cayman

Our next port of call is the Cayman Islands. Our excursion for the day is called Best of The Caymans and it is quite the eclectic mix!

Our first stop is the requisite shopping visit. Odd to have it first but no worries; our second stop is only for a few minutes but it is a small slice of heaven.


I am wearing heavy hiking shoes to protect my broken toe (which yes, thank you, does hate me for whatever walking we do, Advil and wrapping notwithstanding) but S can slip hers off to put her toes into the water. I settle for reaching down to touch it.

Next, for balance, we visit Hell.

Not a joke. That’s a town. And it supposedly got its name because of this otherworldly set of rock formations.

Finally, we visit the Cayman Turtle Centre where we see a mix of incredible large green and sea turtles and other local wildlife.