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At Sea

I don’t know what time it is when I wake up. An inside cabin is a dark and quiet cave. There are no external cues. I wake up not sure it is 2am or 10am. I use the restroom (priorities) and then check. 8:23am.

Woo hoo I love vacation.

Exploring, checking in for the Effy Jewelers giveaway (guess who wins?) We visit every part of the ship – attending sessions and seeing sites – but as it gets to be afternoon we don’t feel compelled to do the whole fight-for-a-deck-chair/put-on-sunscreen hoopla and end up reading and napping before dinner.

We do make it to the show, a cruise-friendly production of Dirty Dancing called The Time of My Life.


Afterward we wander the upper and outdoor decks, wind blown and serene, before wandering inside for a late night latte or hot chocolate (the coffee bar quickly becoming our favorite hang out spot on the ship)

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  1. The best night of sleep I ever had was in the inside cabin of a big family cruise. Somehow I ended having the cabin to myself . . . so dark, quiet and peaceful.


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