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A day in Miami

We flew down early to avoid airline issues. January, anything can happen.

We had no issues getting here, but I arrive to a useless but frustrating notice from my company’s travel partner about the conference I’m attending which comes down to “Smelta Airlines” (not their real name) has once again screwed me over. (Sigh)

So when I wake up early (asleep not long after 9pm) this morning I’m scrambling to rearrange what I can until Monday when the flight itself can be adjusted, doing my Spanish lesson for the day, and then dozing on and off…

Basically it’s a pajama-lazy morning for us both because we don’t have the walking food tour until 12:30pm.

That is led by Johi, a young man from Cuba who tells us a bit about his story, Cuba and Miami as he takes us around. He’s fun and personable and so knowledgeable that S and I agree that as good as the tour is – the food, the music, the culture, he makes it great.

Afterwards we stop in for the odds and ends we didn’t want to try to fly with (sunscreen, bug spray) and chillax before we go to enjoy our final evening in Miami.

We ultimately decide to use Johi’s recommendation for lunch tomorrow rather than dinner, and (much later because of the lunch we had) head instead back to Berries where they have the steak bites again for me and S. gets salmon and everyone is happy.

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  1. Like the cool, new theme! Fits the trip atmosphere, too. Enjoy. I’ve tried changing several times and have had fun doing so — but somehow I always come back to the old standby, Twenty-Eleven.


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