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Exit South

In the small hours I am already awake, in that way one does when there’s somewhere to be. So I am already showered and dressed and ready to do my Duolingo lesson by the time my alarm goes off.

It’s raining but not torrential en route to the airport. It’s still dark and early as Dad drops me off.

There’s a pilot seated behind me (not our pilot, obvs). My flight is bumpy but on time, and when I land S. is already waiting for me, having had an earlier and bumpier flight and collected her bags and found a lounge area to linger in. We google transport and end up with a Lyft to Miami. We get checked in early (bless you, Hampton Inn) and after a quick lunch and napping, we coordinate plans and go for a walk before dinner.

It’s dark by the time we get to the area near the marina and park, and between my broken toe and her unexpectedly irritating shoes, we head back, checking out a couple of restaurants en route, thinking something light might be the thing.

We end up at Berries in the Grove, where we end up splitting three special appetizers- a pesto caprese flatbread, steak bites with Brussels sprouts, and a Brie and fruit platter. I have a glass of wine, she gets a blueberry raspberry smoothie. Brie ends up leaving with us for another day because everything else is so delicious we can hardly stand it.

Or stand up afterwards, lol.

We both hobble back to our room and fall into our respective beds to relax and read and…


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  1. Of all the darn luck . . . hope that toe is feeling okay. Sounds like you’re going to be putting it through a workout in days to come!


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