flotsam, travel


It’s now – IRL – weeks after my return. The first few days I wake up unsure of where I am, where I’m supposed to be, what time I have to leave my bag outside or meet my tour.

Slowly it dawns, and eventually dissipates. I’m home now.

I don’t get the inner ear post-ship sensation, like the world is rocking. I fight off whatever bugs we all might have picked up and shared amidst flights, busses, the ship.

And I find myself missing.

Missing Elena.

Missing Troy and Deana.

Missing Connie.

Missing Marge. Missing Linda.

Missing Victoria and Mary. Missing the other Mary and John. Missing Carol and Jim. Missing Judy and Dave. Rosemary and Scott. Ben. Laura. The other Linda. Cathy. Virginia. And on and on, I see their faces. I miss bumping into one another on the streets of Athens. I miss picking them out of the crowd on board the ship.

I miss hanging out, on the bus, in the city, at the ship’s bar, around tables. I miss laughing together. I miss missing food that isn’t Greek together.

I am missing other trips and friendly faces encountered along the way. Pat and Ron. Stella and Robin. Friends made for a moment and wished well forever.

I am missing you all. God bless and keep you, wherever you may be this day.