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Day 10: Final Day in Athens

In which we put ourselves on a forced march through the city.

Goodbye, Olympia. It was great!

Christiana organizes us off the ship in what must be record time, and we are shortly back on the bus and again in the weekday traffic to Athens. We say goodbye to her, and check our bags at The Stanley once more, since again we’re before check in and although we are the last tour of the season, there are still a lot of us to accommodate.

A quick plan is formed in which we’ll walk back to through the city and see the changing of the guard at the Parliament building.

En route: revisiting the university

Minutes before the guard change.


Then since we are close, we walk down to the temple of Zeus and Hadrian’s Arch.

This was discovered when they went to put in a ventilation shaft for the metro. Obviously they ended up placing the shaft farther down, and this is now an open-air exhibit.
Remains of the Temple of Zeus
Hadrian’s Arch, facing up toward the Plaka, with Acropolis site framed in the Arch.

Now it’s midday so we hang a left and enter The Plaka where there’s shopping and restaurants and intermittent intersections with our fellow tour members. Which is kind of fun, and makes me miss the gang all over again.

After that we ease our way back through the city, aiming in the direction of the hotel with plans to hang a right and visit a museum. Deana and I lead the path, and Troy and Connie laugh as we sync up our ocean and even how and when we look up and around.

When we pause at the intersection where we need to decide: hotel or museum, we pause to rest and decide that the hotel rooms should be free by now, and maybe more pictures of more ruins won’t be worth another uphill hike.

So back we go. Their rooms are ready, mine needs 20 minutes for cleaning. We meet up at the rooftop bar to chillax, and then eat up there for dinner when no one wants to go out again. It’s been a very full 10 days and we’re tired but still enjoying just being together.

Although we can sleep in tomorrow, not due to leave for the airport until 9:30, we’re tired and need to go pack up airport-ready.