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Day 9: Evening in Santorini

We aren’t due to arrive in Santorini before 4 pm. It will be dark then. And there are weather dependencies and tenders to send and busses to meet and switchbacks to navigate and half the length of the island to each Oia and our scheduled visit.

But I so so SO want to see Santorini.

But our crew knows that Santorini in daylight is what EVERYONE wants, so they make time and get us into port early. There’s no dock and no other cruise ships to coordinate. Just us, looking to make anchor in the caldera and make our tenders.

Miraculously, everyone makes it to the meeting point on time.

Mercifully, our whole group makes it into the same tender.

Wonderfully, we arrive at the buses while there is still daylight.

Graciously, Connie gives me the window seat.

Impatiently we navigate the drive, while the sun sets. Horizon clouds block the fading light. It’s dusk when we get to Oia.

Frantically, we race to the three domes to get a picture.

(Amazingly, it’s the fastest we move en masse.)

Unfortunately I don’t get the picture I wanted. But I get some.