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Day 9: Morning on Crete

Crete is the largest of the Greek Isles and of course we are only seeing a piece of it.

That starts with the Palace of Knossos. Pronounce the K: Kuh-nos-os. It’s easily the oldest site we visit, all told, dated somewhere between 4500 and 6000 BC (so says our guide we barely understand) and…

Aw heck. You know what? It’s drizzly and gray and we’re all tired and my feet hurt and it’s more old rocks. Not impressive to look at rocks, like at Ephesus or the Parthenon. Not scenic rocks like at Delphi or Olympia.

Bonus: something to see here that isn’t a rock.

I’m sure these are a great site in another mood. But I am — and at least a few others along with me are — feeling Just. Over. It.

Which is why on our free time, I don’t go to the museum but instead walk into town.

Which is a loud city with mixed shopping opportunities. As usual much is closed at the time we arrive (anyway I’m not much of a shopper). I’m sure it was the thing for some people … but not me.

The museum, says those 2 who went, completely redeemed the otherwise mediocre visit to the Palace of Knossos. Context, interest, the missing elements that would have brought the site to life.

Oh well. And so we learn.

Anyway what I have really, really wanted to see is coming up. This evening. Hopefully not wholly in the dark.

Santorini, baby!