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Day 1: Exhausted in Athens

Technically this is a travel day; there’s nothing scheduled until the evening. But we have arrived at dark o’clock in the morning. There is no room at the inn for us, arriving so early, so for the smallest hours of the morning we find couches in the lobby and stretch out, en masse. I get windows of a few minutes here and there, and then finally fall into a rich deep sl-

The morning crew asks us not to sleep there. Or at least, not to sprawl to sleep. If we can sleep upright…

Around 8 I walk with Cara and Laura around the streets and to the corner bakery where we each get a nibble and I get a cappuccino (to their water). None of us feel awake enough or clean enough to be a person yet, but we are breathing the air of Greece – a bit smoke-flavored in the outdoor cafe, but Greece nonetheless.

We keep ourselves busy until 9 then come back to wait on rooms to turn over.

(We would hope having arrived so early that as rooms become available we would get them, but it seems that they are assigning the whole Gate1 group and then the Globus groups. But around noon I approach a different person at the desk, and plead for my early arrival and desperate hopes for a room, and he very kindly swaps an available but as yet unclaimed room from that group for me. Cara and Laura come right behind me and get the same.)

A shower. A bed. Such luxury!

A few hours later we meet up again and stroll in search of a local restaurant. We head out intrepid but end up at the restaurant across the street.

Chicken / κοτόπουλο

After dinner we each have our respective meetings – they are in a different group here so I don’t know how much we will see of each other before the cruise ship in a week.

The meeting is a bit scattered, between late flights just getting people in, and the front desk sending people to the wrong rooms. So I hear the spiel twice but I don’t mind. A glass of white wine and a few faces committed to memory – several people here are solos like me – and we have our plans for the morning squared away.

I go up to the rooftop bar just long enough to get one quick photo before I head to an early bedtime.

Parthenon at Night