travel, ups and downs

Day 4: Bar Harbor to Portland Maine (and home)

I wake a few times in the night, probably extra restless because I know it’s a travel day. Strange sounds, a dripping that at first I think must be in my bathroom but when I come awake I know it’s the rain.

It is quite the rain.

I forego the eggs at breakfast – I can’t see being sick beside the road on a good day, much less in a rainstorm – but the rest is a sliced apple and granola with mascarpone, sliced roast tomatoes, toasted rosemary bread, and sausage patties.

Breakfast first course

Oh my goodness. So good.

I leave early knowing that it’s a three hour drive to the airport but with weather it could be longer. And if it’s not, maybe I could catch an earlier flight?

By the time I reach the airport, and through the once again interminable car rental return, and the slight delay through security, the weather is clearer both here and at home. This is promising. I still look into an earlier flight because it’s hours until the next (and last) flight…

I miss being able to get an earlier flight by minutes.

My flight is delayed 2 hours.

Still, to make it home at all is a gift. No mad scramble for bus or train options (already investigated preemptively), no rush for a rental car and a 10-12 overnight drive. Smooth landings small pickup related mishaps quickly resolved.

Home. Home, after a wonderful adventure, is an exceptionally awesome thing.