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Day 3: Acadia National Park

I am up early – maybe emails woke me, maybe just my body rested enough after an early night. Either way I wake up refreshed. Quiet moments start my day before I listen to the morning news podcast, or check my work email, or get myself showered so I can go down for coffee.

I creep down past rooms of mostly sleeping people for coffee (oh coffee!). I sit by the windows sipping quietly, taking my morning language lesson, and watching the morning tide slowly hide the sandbar path to Bar Island. Within the hour as I watch, the Island is an Island again.

Oh coffee… you’re always there for me
The tide creeping in to cover the sandbar

Others start to trickle downstairs as breakfast opens at 8am. The menu is a fresh fruit medley, blueberry pancakes (naturally) and bacon.

Kristi makes awesome pancakes

I have time to wander the town before I meet my tour on Oli’s Trolley to take us on the loop in Acadia. Pictures, because words won’t do it…

We return to town in time for me to try the local blueberry soda (sweeeet!) and have some fresh fish at Geddy’s for lunch, then walk the length of town before popping in for a spicy Mexican hot chocolate at Chocolatte.

Tastes as good as it looks


Later I want along the waterfront before slipping back to the Saltair Inn to watch the sun set.

What a beautiful day. I’m so thankful I was able to come see it.