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Day 2: Rockland to Bar Harbor

I wake early but fully rested, and – oh thank you Lord – the headache is finally gone. In fact, I feel better in every category. I pause with an extra measure of gratitude for this.

It’s scenic back roads and small Maine towns for a good while, before I turn towards Fort Knox and the Penobscot Narrows Observatory. The Observatory is at the top of one of the supports of the Waldo-Hancock bridge. I do that first.

That outlook up there is HIGH.
My legs are wibbly as I take pics from the top. I’ll DO heights in the course of adventures, but that doesn’t mean I LIKE them.

Then I go back down and explore Fort Knox. It’s interesting and eerily quiet on the day and time I’m there, and for a while I am deep in the underlit corridors where men would have lined up, at need, to shoot muskets from the narrow windows.

I seem to be lost in the building for a while (I’m not, but it is an uncomfortably long time alone in the dark depths of the fortress), finally stumbling out into the light at the far side of the Fort. I get my bearings though, and get myself together to head east toward Bar Harbor.

En route, I decide to stop at the Lobster Pound and Pit BBQ place along the way. It doesn’t look like too much from the outside, but once I get out of the car the smell of barbecue is heavenly. Some awesome homemade cole slaw and Texas brisket and fresh blueberry pie, and I feel right as rain.

(But without the rain, which is perfect.)

I drive the environs of Acadia National Park for a while – neither Google nor Waze quite knows how to get me in. But finally I make my way and do just a short drive (Acadia is really tomorrow’s plan) before heading to my B&B, the Saltair Inn.

Mike and Kristi are lovely but I don’t really even settle in before popping back out. The Inn is just across from a sandbar that makes a natural bridge at low tide (in – Mike checks the schedule for me – 1 hour) and is just down the street from downtown Bar Harbor.

Along the Shore Path

I scope out places to visit or eat tonight on my way back to the sand bar, and across to Bar Island (technically in Acadia).

All of this would otherwise be underwater

By the time I get up to the summit of Bar Island, come back down to the hotel, get my luggage into my room and myself pulled together, it’s time to go into town for dinner.

I’m in time to squeak into the early bird special (which is good because Lobster Is Spendy). I have a blueberry sangria, the lobster bisque, and well, a lobster.

Burying the lead. This is a VERY sweet Blueberry sangria. I forgot to take a pic of the bisque.

The bisque! Seriously, come to Bar Harbor, Maine, go to Galyns, and have the lobster bisque!

Aside from the heavenly delights of the bisque, and the general deliciousness of anything with butter, I’m really not a lobster girl. It seems like a lot of money and trouble for meh and yes I do realize that the fact I’m totally ok with the expense and mess of Maryland crabs says something. I just like crab better I guess.

(Of course I wouldn’t just pop out for crabs either. Messy work-for-it food requires a mood and mental preparation. Not to mention laundry.)

I digress.

After dinner I stroll a leisurely pace back to the Inn and get settled to watch a waterfront sunset as the temperatures settle in.

Apparently the latest hurricane may impact my trip home, but I can’t control that. I know the One who can, and I know He knows my needs. And He knows that I hope tomorrow is another beautiful day, for my tours of Acadia.

I mean really, just look how lovely He made this evening:

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