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Maine Day 1: Portland to Rockland

Technically I’ve been to all 50 states, but my visit to Maine, fuzzy at best in my memory because I was a child at the time, was a bit more “technical” than the rest.

So here I am, making this visit more official.

I’m up early, getting a ride to the airport from a new (to me) car service. The driver is a deeply pleasant man, a little older than me but looking easily 30 years younger, from Ghana. We chat pleasantly en route.

Check in takes longer than it has to, because entire checkpoints have been converted to accept Clear members only. It strikes me that they are creating demand for this paid service by making “regular” security clearance even less efficient. I google it; there’s a fee … and it’s a biometric security record. Who watches the watchers? How secure is it to give a third party my biometric data?

My BIL says I’m suspicious, but… well maybe occasionally that’s wise?

The flight is mildly turbulent. I try to sleep away the low grade headache that’s been lingering for days. I fail. I pocket the pretzels and later (after an interminable car rental process) they sustain me for my lengthy but scenic drive from Portland to my first daily stop. A late lunch: a fresh lobster roll at McLoons Lobstah Shack.

Lord I am thankful to be here

After lunch, I drive over to visit Owls Head Lighthouse. I see some of the same faces; I think we’re reading the same reviews.

After a brief visit, including a lovely exchange with the woman who runs the gift shop, I head over to my last planned stop today, Breakwater Vineyards.

The atmosphere is pleasant, friendly, casual, fun. I choose semi-dry and sweet wines, and enjoy them. They allow me linger on the patio over my small tasting, and it’s breezy and lovely, fresh and unhurried.

But when I’m done, it’s still far too early to just check in and go to bed, headache notwithstanding, so I drive the 2 miles to downtown Rockland, check out the art and shops, and pop in for a light but delicious dinner of appetizers and soup at In Good Company.

Sweet & Spicy Peppadews with Seal Cove Goat Cheese, Fiore OO Sampler with Baguette, and Soup of the Day (potato leek).

My guidance: The bread is all wonderful. And Do NOT Miss the peppadews.

After dinner I stroll through town and down to the waterfront for a while, before it’s time to go check into my hotel. I think it will be an early night – which is fine because more adventures ahead tomorrow.

Lord willing.