Not enough time (and too much food)

I took a couple of days off last week, because two of my very best friends came down for the first time in a little over a year. And it was wonderful to have them here. I just wish they could have stayed a bit longer (and hopefully we can schedule some time again soon)!

(Incidentally their visit came just a few days after I was able to have a brief lunch-in-transit with my best friend from college, so it really was like a reunion week.)


Anyway, they arrived Wednesday evening. We chillaxed and watched a movie and had popcorn and sipped a smidge of wine for the first night.

Then on Thursday (our only whole day) we had leisurely coffee and toast out on my deck, before we headed out to the nearby Hampton National Historic Site for a tour of the mansion, and to walk the grounds. (A bit hot and sticky for it, but not unbearable nor the kind of torrents we’ve had lately, so a win overall.)

On the way home we popped into the local farm store and picked up a fresh peach tart for us, along with other treats for them to take to their families.

Back at home we were very ready for lunch so we whipped up my first HelloFresh meal (sorry Gobble, I love you but your menu didn’t do it for me this week) and after the chipotle chicken flatbreads we shared the peach tart, and then got ready to go visit my friend’s sister who lives west of here.

After visiting there for a while, we headed down to Fells Point in Baltimore, to Thames Oyster House where we ate very nearly — I kid you not — All. The. Things.


I am sad to tell you (or rather my waistline is) that the following photos are just a sampling of what we had that evening. I am pleased to report that EVERYTHING was absolutely delicious beyond compare — plus the team there was lovely (thanks again Michael) and the wait staff was friendly and helpful and so right in all their recommendations (hi and thank you again Teresa!)

So. Good.

After dinner we headed back and visited a while longer while we all pulled ourselves (as best we could) out of our food comas enough to drive home and fall tired but happy into our respective beds.

The next morning we went for breakfast and chatted and laughed and it was just so nice to have time just to Be with such dear friends… I have missed that even more than I realized.

All too soon though, they needed to get on the road to head home. Hugs goodbye and safe journeys wished, and away they went home, and I headed off to see my family as well, with the luxury of a long weekend still stretching out before me.

Pretty much great, all in all.

And more to look forward to!

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  1. Whoa! Spectacular dishes, especially that first one; is that some kind of ravioli? Everything else looks great too, especially those scrumptious scallops. Sounds like a great few days.


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