Small victories

I hit my step goal yesterday, which shouldn’t be a victory (sigh) but was.

And today I hit this little milestone: 365 consecutive days of Spanish on Duolingo.

(Initially I was doing French AND Spanish, hoping I could leverage my high school and college French to make progress grounded in something solid, but it was just confusing and I have enough trouble with vocabulary without trying to remember two or more words for everything.

So I basically got through the entire course for Spanish (before they added more sections and levels) before bringing French back online, and honestly, it’s still so hard for me to juggle them. I have lost my ear for French, is I think what is hardest. So in service of keeping my streak alive, I do a couple of lessons of Spanish every day, and one of French every couple of days. Probably I need to schedule a trip somewhere French-speaking to give me an incentive to focus.)

Well that sounds like a very good idea indeed!

In other news: my sister and I also survived the planning of our parents’ anniversary party. And it was a success, all glory to God who is beyond gracious. (Plus so much gratitude to my sister and brother in law and the aunts who came alongside to help pieces come together.)

All this and a blog post on my long-neglected blog?

Ah, so many small victories!

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