Observations under the influence

I’m listening to tunes and watching the dark gather and I can’t quite feel my tongue. Wine. It doesn’t take much, but I’ve had enough. Non-sequitur: Whoever wrote the Dinty Moore (“beer of meals”) jingle that plays on Pandora radio clearly hates that company and wants me to hate them with a fiery hot hate too. (It’s kind of working. Which seems like a shame. Their product is much better than the jingle. Which is saying exactly zero, considering the jingle is a crime against humanity. But still.)

Speaking of Pandora: The Piña Colada song is completely un-listenable, catchy hooks aside, once it settles into your soul that IRL they don’t laugh it off and realize they could both (re)discover so much about each other. IRL they are both hurt and offended that they were both trying to cheat on each other (hello?!?) and it ends ugly. Really, really ugly.

I cannot even.

Non-sequitur: April is over, and April was crazy. But I love April. It’s full of some of the best birthdays. Happy belated birthday April babies. Happy birthday, May babies.

Non-sequitur: Recently I picked up a bunch of new readers which feels weird because I am hardly ever posting and I assume they’re just spambots (Russian or otherwise) but if you’re a real person: hey, welcome! I’ll probably post again sometime this year.

This post is extra flotsamy, but not representative. Or maybe it is. I’m not currently the best judge.

Which bring me back to where o started: You know what? Maybe I should go have some water.

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