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Day 3.5: Last night in Reykjavik

A few hours after we get off the bus, a group of us are regathered in the lobby to make a dinner plan. Ellen has her heart set on a gastropub in town that serves (among other things) puffin. Terry is a more cautious eater, and throws out another suggestion. Di seems not to care so long as we don’t have to freeze to get there, and Mike is willing to do whatever. Ellen confirms the gastropub is full but is willing to coordinate a cab to get us there anyway, in hopes they can somehow fit in 5 people. They can’t… but once we are downtown we stroll the streets and end up in a French bistro with Swiss and Icelandic influences, and we have a lovely time.

After dinner we walk back to the hotel (thank you Google, for walking instructions) and it gets us close enough to find our way when the cold finally saps my battery and shuts the device down.

Drinks and chatting in the lobby … Terry and Ellen have a 5am pickup and we lose Terry first and Ellen not too long after. Mike, Di and I have a 1:30pm pick up to the airport, and we’re still going strong until after 2am when it’s finally time for us to take our leave.

It’s just an elevator ride up to a good night’s sleep, and anyway it’s only 11pm back home… no worries.

I meet the nicest people when I travel.