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Day 3: Golden Circle (continued)

The long days and sleepless nights and trading being ice cold and then swelteringly hot inside (all those layers to keep putting on and off) conspire to make me sleep literally every time the bus moves more than 10 minutes. I want to stay up and see things, I just literally can’t.

We get to the Golden Waterfall. We need to put ice grips on our shoes now; it’s still colder here than anywhere we’ve been and the ground is sheets of black ice. The waterfall. Waterfalls, more correctly. It’s more blue green gray than gold at this time of year and time of day. But still amazing to see.

Freezing my face off but loving it!

Di, Mike and I go to the easier to access upper outlook but Di isn’t up to the hike down (and then back up) stairs to the lower outlook. Mike and I go. It proves to be worth it.

When we come back up, fighting the icy wind, we both make a beeline for the coffee shop for something warm… and are tempted instead into a simply decadent hot chocolate. Di finds us in line and gets one too, and Ellen joins us from her shopping efforts.

It is delightful to be able to sit with friends and warm up. But alas, the limited daylight means we must press on…

Our last stop of the day is for a short hike (for those who are interested) in the rift between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates.

It’s not as windy, in part because we are in the lee of the wind. But it’s spectacular, icy blue water and sharp black volcanic rock and the sky going gold and pink as the sun starts to set…

Another catnap (of course) en route back to Reykjavik where a hot shower and a change of clothes will refresh me for my last evening out with new friends!