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Day 2: Reykjavik, Vikings and Wine

After we return from the Blue Lagoon, we all return to our respective rooms to pull ourselves together and prepare to go out.

A few hours later, we step out for a circuitous walk into Reykjavik for shopping and then a cab ride to the Viking House restaurant and hotel across town.

Ice skating in town

Holiday decor in downtown Reykjavik

Vikings and elves and trolls aren’t the biggest business in Iceland but they are a minor presence, at least at this time of year. In the summer there’s a Viking festival (and Mike can hardly contain his enthusiasm) so we taxi across town to the Viking House for dinner and stop by the hotel next door to check out the decor etc.

Decor in the side room at the Viking Hotel

Dinners is fine and the live entertainment, while understated, is quite enjoyable, and the company (Di, Mike, Ellen & Terry) is better still… and it is a wonderful day in Iceland! And tomorrow will be another early morning….