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Day 2: Blue Lagoon

I’m up early to have breakfast- the buffet at the Radisson Blu Saga is quite extensive but, like a lot of places here, on the pricy side (by trip’s end we’ll realize it was among the cheapest options and easily the best value for food we’d seen) but it’s included for us as guests. I’m not generally a breakfast person but plenty of options are provided and I find something to satisfy. Plus I want a good breakfast before the long drive to the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is considered a Wonder, accidentally man-made though it is, and it is simply wonderful! While yesterday was clear and cold, today is cold and snowy. The 100•F water is a delight, bright blue and steaming as the muted sunrise peeks through the late morning clouds and snow blows in sharp wind across our faces and ears.

Oh my poor frozen ears!

I find others from my tour – Mike’s having a sparkling cider (something I loved in Ireland and am happy to revisit here in Iceland), Diane has a prosecco. The air outside keeps the drinks cold while the water keeps us warm.

I am reminded of the time we stayed at the Sheraton Framingham as a kid — looking for all the world like a castle outside and the first time I remember going somewhere with an electronic “eye” to open the door (like magic to a child) — swimming in their pool area that was decked out like the tropics while the glass wall showed us snow piling up outside. That was cool when we were kids. This was better; amazing.

After I shower and redress I have a coffee and snap a few shots that will never do this experience justice.

In and out of the Blue Lagoon. It really is just that blue.

On the way back, our guide, Mandy, talks to us about the animals native to Iceland and some of their history including centuries under Danish rule. But sometime after that I start to nod off… and since a bunch of us have decided to go out shortly after we get back for our free evening, I give myself permission to sleep the rest of the drive…

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