This is a little bit (a lot) all over the map. I can’t help it. I’m processing on paper. There is a lot of more than semi-random flotsam floating in my head, and I’m finding that it’s more political than usual. Sign of the times, perhaps?

I am pretty much the least political person you’ll ever meet. I’m a moderate in general. I don’t affiliate with any party. This is in part because I understand how affiliating with a group causes us to identify and tribalize in ways that aren’t always helpful. It’s also in part because I don’t think either party uniquely represents me. Continue reading “Struggling”


Temporary: lunch from@gobbleinc

Today’s Daily Post challenge (which I have never participated in before) is: Temporary.

As you can see, I’ll be getting 3 servings rather than 2 from my order of @gobbleinc Spicy Lentil and Sweet Potato soup. I also picked up some Garlic Bread from Gobble to serve on the side.

The soup was an experiment- and it’s not, to be fair, my favorite Gobble dish (though EVERY dinner I’ve had so far has been absolutely fantastic … restaurant-delicious with just 15 min of preparation … so it’s hard to complain) but still it is rather good and I’m tempted to go down and eat another bowl right now and in a scant few meals (if I can wait that long) it will be gone.

Temporary indeed!

Btw if you want to try Gobble yourself and enjoy 1 free dinner for two, sign up here (full disclosure: Gobble did not pay me for this post. It’s just really tasty and easy plus they deliver everything to me so I can avoid the grocery store which I loathe — so I can’t stop raving about it. YUM.)