Off night / off morning

It’s early, as it should be, but I fall asleep on the couch, even as I tell myself I’ll go to bed. Like a cartoon bubble still hanging over my head. But it’s only a short doze, just minutes, not enough to disrupt my night. 

When I do get in bed, I’m hot. Steaming from the inside out. I throw the covers aside, knowing I’ll want them again later, and fall asleep…

Shivering. It’s so cold. I’m covered, hunkered down in the comforter, but still I’m freezing. It penetrates my sleep; I’m damp. The hot flash didn’t wake me, and they usually do, but I must have had one – I’ve been sweating in my sleep, and now I’m cold. 

The clock says it’s not yet 3am. I make myself go back to sleep while I can. Sheets can get washed tomorrow. 

Up with the alarm, stiff and awkward on the stairs. One day I’ll tumble, I suppose, but mercifully not today. Showered, dried, dressed, packed. I pull on my shoes and head to the car. 

Halfway down I realize there is something wrong. I can see my shoes in the silver starlight. I should not see my shoes. I should see the dark silhouette of my work shoes on the stairs. 

I can see them because these are white. I have pulled on my sneakers. Sigh

I need my coffee sooner than usual en route, not surprising. It’s dark all the way to Delaware, not quite to the office. Daylight savings will do something about that, but it’s too early for me to math out what. 

Lord, I’m tired


So dies another @Fitbit

I go through Fitbit devices at an alarming rate.  I think I’ve owned something like 4-5 Flexes (always the original, shower-proof version) since December of 2014. 

I loved the Flex. Simple, showerable. Easy to clean, easy to charge.  

Well, mostly. 

I know people who start complaining after a while lol that their Fitbit starts holding their charge for fewer days over time – down from 4-5 days to 3-4, and so on. Usually it happens over a few years. If not, I’ve been through it, I can give advice: turn off all day sync, delete any silent alarms. 

Technology fails over time, that’s just the way of things. 

For me, though… I keep replacing my Flex, over and over, because the battery dies, catastrophically and suddenly, and not after very long either. They start vibrating or start throwing errors, and they stop gaining or holding a charge for more than a few hours. I might get a year, but sometimes it’s just a few months before it happens. In this case I’m on my second replacement since March. 

It’s always the same model, so it could be a tech issue. But then again… It may be me.  In the same way that MP3 players freeze up, brand agnostically, in my hands, Fitbit Flex batteries die. In fact I hesitate to switch to a different, more advanced model, because I think the new heart rate reader capability, where a sensor will put it directly on my skin, is only going to exacerbate the issue. 

So now I’m in the limbo that happens when yet another device dies; having to send the unit back before Fitbit will start the replacement process.

I’ve been through this. It’s slow. They won’t start the process until I return the unit to them. (Probably I’m on a list; they die so often on me.)

And in the meantime, I feel lost without my device.