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A week in Myrtle Beach

It isn’t a new destination for any of us, not by a longshot. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been, but it’s enough times that there was a pattern emerging of major career upheavals after every fourth visit.

(My company got bought while I was touring the Grand Canyon two years ago. I’m going to say that Myrtle Beach passed the torch.) 😉

The weather was fine and sunny for the first few days, then overcast, then stormy, and then sunny and warm again.

And it all worked out pretty much perfectly.

There were fun and silly car games and beach days and arcade days and dinners at the places we traditionally try to fit in. (Chances are good that one of those is coming off the short list in future, the prices having stayed ridiculously low but the food quality seeming to have been reduced to match.)

There was browsing at Broadway on the Beach on a day that was overcast and slightly drizzly in brief moments – enough to both cut the crowds and the heat – and a dinner together at Yamato.

There was pizza at Benito’s (twice).

There was parasailing and the water was rougher, the day darker, than either of my previous tries. But we convinced my mom to go, and she did. And I flew with my elder niece, the last of our party and the last people up in general before a storm halted rides for at least an hour if not all day.

There was playing in the waves and more silly songs and just generally the happiness of being with people I so enjoy being with and love so very much.

And then there was departure and riding and home again.


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