Thursday-feels-like-Tuesday. Gray morning. Colorless, no light. Just gray, drizzly, sleepy. 

Maybe it’s just me that’s sleepy. 4:55am comes early, and it’s a shock to the system after so many horizontal days. 

I’m back to the office after 2 weeks working at home. Two and a half, now that I think of it. I came back from Wilmington the day after Father’s Day, through a torrent, with a faint hoarseness already turning into Yuck. And that was that. 

Now it’s just the residual cough, my voice still not quite whole, miscellaneous aches. But better, better enough to work, to exist unmedicated, to drive. Even in a fresh torrent today. 

Safely to the office in the gray of the morning. Prayers for safety. Not my own, but still He watches over me. I ask and I trust, He’s watching over my sweet girls. They’ll be in His perfect care today. Theyvalways are, because He’s always perfect. He’ll be guiding those who are guiding them and the other kids. Do not worry. 

I am prone to worry, I must confess, even though He shows Himself faithful over and over and over. 

My prayer list is long this morning. Friends in struggles I am helpless to resolve. My heart goes out, my prayers go up. My day begins.