Morning mercies 

Dry morning means shorter dry-time for my hair means out the door that much earlier means still lovely color in the sky as I leave means the sun first glowing then blinding when the road is East rather than North (or in one brief and strange section, South). 

Dry morning does not mean dry night, my car wet with dew, laden in moisture, reminding me that there are days – days past, days to come (God willing) – when morning will be cold and the car will need scraping in these early departure hours when I feel most rushed. Thankful for spring-into-summer, for warmth, for light, for wipers that work. For mercies great and small. 

 Slow realization on arrival that if it’s Wilmington it’s Thursday and if it’s Thursday it’s a week to house guests and happy reunions. One more reason to smile through this day.