I watch the skies

My commute recaps always describe the changing skies. I can’t help myself, I am so often looking up

“What’s you favorite color?” the girls would ask me when they were little. “I don’t have one,” I would reply. 

Maybe because the sky is every color. 

My trip through the Canadian Rockies is still one of my favorites, so much breathtaking beauty, but it was pouring in Vancouver, and then as we headed east the high, high mountains make their own weather, and I never saw the sky for clouds, until we reached the plains on the other side. 

I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed it, until I spent my day exploring Calgary in sunlight, then retreated to the hotel, with its view overlooking the city and mountains in the distance. I watched every moment of the fading day, the sunset and the appearance of stars avidly. Like I’d been starved for them despite so much else that had been beautiful.  

I look up. 

So I suppose it suits that my next planned adventure will take me to Iceland for the northern lights. Northern nights. I will hope for clear skies and amazing views and at least one great picture to keep.