A still Sunday morning

I come up from the basement post-workout, more than half of my daily step goal complete, and turn the coffee pot on while I go out to skim the pond. Cool morning air on what currently looks to be a pleasant day. It’s only a few minute job; not too much debris to remove, and the color is much better now.

I continue to cool down, sipping the now-ready coffee, in the living room. Four walls bedecked with photos from my trips… Machu Picchu has recently joined their number. At some point I will replace the unbelievably cheap frames, but, you know… someday. Priorities. They’re holding the pictures up, so… it’s not like they don’t work.

It’s a pleasantly low-key morning. Beside me, a comedy channel plays on Pandora. I know most of the bits on the channel now, but even so, enjoyable. I have it playing low; a friend is visiting and – not a morning person – she is still asleep upstairs. Maybe not; the beginnings of soft sounds of movement overhead. It’s been nice having her here, and though I will miss her when she goes this afternoon, I have a get-together with family to look forward to as well.

It all makes for a quiet kind of happiness.. I am peaceful… I am thankful.

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