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Bitten again

A few months ago, with Peru about to unfold before me, I felt I had lost my taste for travel. I could not have said why. But it felt like more than just me having my usual pre-trip dip in enthusiasm. It felt, I remember actually thinking, maybe I’m just done. 

I felt like I’d lost the travelbug. I mean, when I can’t build any excitement even at the idea of planning a trip, all that possibility, all that potential… something isn’t right with me. 

But, I seem to have caught it again. I am back to watching the deals. So that next up – well actually next up is a family beach vacation, which is a different kind of good thing, so next after that – I have set the northern lights in my sights. 

And already I am tinkering with the next thing. Should I take a tour or cruise to Asia? To the Greek Isles? To Scandinavia? 

So many places, so big a world. I could never see it all. 

But so fun to try. 

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