Sunday skimming

Slowly, gently, I skim the layer of foam off the pool. It comes up yellow today, instead of last night’s green. I assume that’s a sign the algae is dying. I assume the foam coming up discolored -the only way I can lift any color out of the pool at all, the algae too fine for a net – is a good sign. 

The pool still looks nasty, up close, and I assume I will at some point have to find a way to scrub the uneven and prone-to-move surfaces. Somehow, without collapsing the whole structure. 

From across the yard it looks fine, splashing away… except for the foam ever rising. I let it accumulate, skimming through my book instrad for a while as I sip spiced coffee, and then go skim off another layer of foam. 

The Catholic church down the block will be holding its first services soon. I know this because the street behind my place fills up, from no cars parked to a solid line of them. The dog 2 yards over hates this; he is upset by the coming and going of cars, even more by passersby. The chain link fence on that property doesn’t do enough to block his view of them, and his owners do nothing to try to calm him. 

Inside their respective houses, I can hear that he’s setting off other neighborhood dogs as well. 

Last week one of the churchgoers set their car alarm – as people do – and it went off, while they were safely ensconced, unhearing, in church… the alarm blaring, the dog barking. I wanted to shake both owners. Calm your dog, take him in. Park your car somewhere else, you’ve upset the whole neighborhood. 

I did neither, of course. 

The day feels surreal and I have a vague “I should get going” feeling, as if today was a travel day. But travel happens tomorrow, Wilmington and north. Dad will come by and check on things, will skim the algae stained foam for me. 

Time to go do it again. 

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