Sharing the highway

Grace abounds; the extra hours Saturday night are like a credit to my account for the too-late of Sunday night and the too-early of Monday morning. 

Busy roads today, but aside from an unusual number of JB Hunt trucks (as usual, sporting Oklahoma plates – I once knew a man from Oklahoma… God grAnt that he be well), it’s just the same-old same-old. A surprising dearth of Jersey plates today; maybe in the afternoon. 

Ride behind NJ and at least I can (more or less) count on the expected level of speed; I’ll be frustrated if they disappoint. Marylanders won’t reliably use their turn signals. Pennsylvania drivers will be uneven… frustratingly slow for a stretch with no outward indication to why… and then speeding along and leaving us all in the dust, again with no outward indication for the change. 

And so it goes, another commuter day. 

This week may have been humdrum but last week i shared the road with drivers from 19 states (38%)
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