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Day 4: Final tours and departure

This morning’s tour takes us above the city. Our first stop is the Cristo Blanco, a small replica of Rio’s Christ the Redeemer Statue, which I’d seen in the distance on our way to Cusco a few nights ago. 

There are also three crosses up here overlooking the city. And an entire retinue of police. It’s their Labor Day and there are apparently fears of demonstrations at key points in and around the city.

Saqsaywaman (which only sounds like “sexy woman”) is estimated to have been   built at the height of the Incan civilization, The sheer size of the stones is amazing.

Three tiers of stones in three nested zigzag or lightning patterns. Both sacred symbols to the Incas. The lowermost stones tower 10-20 feet up, to give a sense of scale.
We also visit Q’inqu, Poca Pocura, and Tambomachay. 

At each one, our guide talks about the spiritual meaning of the Incan structures and symbols, and how these are expressed today. 

Then it’s time for a final lunch together as a large group (one of the few times we’ve all been together vs exploring in smaller subsets). Funny moment: three people have a newer model Fitbit that reminds them to move every hour. They get their alarm, and a whole group of us dance in our chairs to “get our steps” – laughing at ourselves as we do it. )

And then begins the long, long, long trek home again, at first all of us together from Peru to Colombia, a few headed elsewhere but most still together as far as Miami, and then the group splintering as we have different flights to other cities. 

This was my first tour with Gate1, and I had a great time. It was very well done and reasonably priced to boot. 

But of course the part that really makes a trip special are the people you meet along the way. 

Love you guys!  God bless!

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