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Brief journeys

The trip is short. Just a few days, really, but it is taking some time in the to-and-from, so it seems longer on paper. Logistics; a 3am international flight from Miami means arriving that far at least the day before, if not a buffer day.  Two connections from there are short down, but long back… it just takes time. 

Almost silly to spend so much time in the going and so little in the there, but so it will be. I am overdue for adventure and so much of the world feels overly tense; we will see what this one holds. 



At exit 80 I reach Belcamp. Coming back from DE it feels like the long final stretch. Coming back from NY/NJ it feels like the last straw, the point at which I realize I am so over the drive. Headed north, still shaking the night off in the bleary half-darkness, I am invariably just starting to feel like I’m well into my trip, that it’s been a long way… and then there it is, mocking me that really I’ve only come this far. 

Once on my southbound route the road was closed here, an accident clean up, someone having a far worse day than all of us merely stopped on 95. MD posted a sign that the highway was closed, but it was posted just after the last exit off; not so much a plan-alternate-route (or even a plan-ahead-your-bio-breaks) as a plan-to-wait.  Wait we all did, of course. 

So passing Belcamp without a traffic stoppage feels like a small victory, the final lap in the last 20-30 minutes to home.