Choosing thankfulness

When the clock says I could sleep 2 more hours and my body is having none of it – having, say, awakened at 3am and refusing to go back to sleep – my first thought is along the lines of, “ugh, what could be worse?”

A lot, actually.  Here’s some (10) ways I could be thankful in the midst of that circumstance … aka /ways in which I am undeservedly blessed/:

  1. I woke up at all
  2. I woke up in a bed, in a place that is safe and has heat
  3. I woke up because I woke up, not because I was in pain
  4. The only reason the alarm matters at all is because I have a job
  5. I’m waking up thinking about that job, not (been there, hate that) about how I’ll find one or having to interview this morning 
  6. I woke up 2 hours early, not 2 hours late
  7. That extra time was quiet and peaceful and worshipful
  8. That extra time meant I wasn’t racing to set up coffee (which I’d forgotten last night)
  9. I was out the door a few minutes early, and therefore just in drizzle and not full-on thunderstorms en route
  10. God is good, all the time. Even when I’m exhausted and would rather be sleeping. 

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