Winter flotsam (with emoji)

It was never cold enough in my old place to need warm pajamas. Year round it could be mostly tanks, tees and shorts. 👚

My warm pjs all lived at my folks’ place, until they moved. 🏡

Now I regularly reach for sweatpants, invariably too long for me, but that works too since the elastic at the ankles is most comfortable around my feet vs my calves.. and on one ridiculously cold morning, I woke up to pull my entire foot up inside my sweats, the elastic closing up beneath my feet, still shivering and aching with cold under covers and afghans. ❄️

Winter is for the birds! 🐧

That said, with this latest warm snap, the birds seem to be returning back (too early, when winter surely isn’t over yet).  Valentine’s Day was just last week, after all! ❤ 

The grocery store has leftover flowers for cheap now. I almost caved and bought myself some, but I know they won’t last now. (Apparently my folks considered bringing me some on The Day,which was sweet if silly, but the absolute highway robbery was prohibitive.) 🌺 

I also managed to forego buying myself leftover Valentines chocolate. It was a narrow escape, actually, but it’s not worth undoing all the efforts to get myself back to a healthy place. 🏃🏻‍♀️

So say I! 😉

Stay warm and take good care out there! 👍🏻