Too tired

I wonder if I’m fighting something off; yesterday I felt like if I had taken an extra long blink in the afternoon, I’d have fallen asleep and awakened next week. By 7:15pm I felt like it was midnight already and only made myself stay up long enough that my body would let me sleep through the night. (Because I was afraid if I went to bed at 7:30 I’d wake up at 10:30 from a refreshing nap, and mess myself up for the 4:55am Wilmington alarm.)

Not. Enough. Coffee

The early to bed served; I woke ahead of the alarm today, thankful and hopeful and…. headachy and tired. 

Ugh. Up. Go. Move. 

It turns out my outside light has burned out, but fortunately 2 of my neighbors have left theirs on, and I can see my way to my car.  

Technically the commute is easier today than some; it’s not pouring rain or dangerous crosswinds, but it feels harder today. I know tired driving is a hazard, and the headache isn’t helping. 

I make it to the office without incident (thanks be to God) and grab some more coffee and more aspirin… it’s going to be a rough one!