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Random observations

  • Everyone’s rush same-day requests come on Fridays. And everyone who wants a meeting needs it to be on Mondays. What is with that? (How about we just switch the weekends up, and take Tuesdays thru Thursdays off, in that case?)
  • If companies would broadcast some kind of dance music over the loudspeakers for the last 5 minutes of every hour, no one need ever miss their 250-step activity goal for that hour.
    Plus it would discourage conference calls from running over. (Dance party in the hallways, people! If preferred: separate cubicles, for shy dancers. Feel free to use your headphones to choose your own tunes as needed. Related memo: All video and photography  is strictly forbidden during these sessions.)

  • #FitbitAdventures are a fun idea in theory – and obvs I am enjoying them – but there’s some weird glitchy things that could be improved. Like, on Day 1 of a multi-day adventure, it tells me the number of steps to the next landmark, but on Day 2, it just tells me how long until the end. (Dude, I need short-term goals. It is way more motivating to know that just 1503 steps would get me “to” something than to know that I need 11,993 more steps to finish this thing. And seriously why are there only 2 landmarks (plus 2 “treasures”) in the entire first 10000 steps on the Pohono Trail??? Can’t you at least parse out more treasures if the trail is sparse for landmarks, to help me along?)
  • Finally…. Parking far from your destination in order to build in extra steps is only a really good idea if you can reliably walk without falling down. Otherwise, you’re just doing embarrassing pratfalls in the supermarket parking lot. Hopefully (read as, mercifully) without being run over by anyone in the process. (Sometimes it’s like I just got these feet new yesterday. Anyway, I really wasn’t using that top layer of skin on my knee for much. And, again, I didn’t get run over. So: Win)

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