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Progress, not perfection

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The picture above, courtesy of the good people of Fitbit and shot by Chris Burkard, greatly reminds me of a picture that lives on my walls – not a professional shot in that case, but a fantastic shot of the same valley and one of the few photos on my walls that I didn’t take, since I didn’t own a camera then.

It turns out I like  the Yosemite virtual hikes vastly more than the NYC virtual walks/runs. Not surprising, I suppose, since I also prefer scenery to cities in general. (I’ve now done 2 of the 3 Yosemite adventures and am halfway through my second NYC version (also of 3 available), so I feel secure in making a statement to that effect.

In addition to the incentive that Fitbit is providing me to move with more regularity, my WiiU Fit is also a regular part of my day now. Again. Which is good, because 6 months of barely moving and eating without thinking (obsessing?) was taking its toll.

Physically, I’m starting to feel a bit better. (In other ways, still struggling a bit to put thoughts into some kind of cohesive, shareable order, but finding that others are articulating a good bit of it better than I probably could anyway. And maybe it’s less important that I know how to say what I want to, versus that I look for what I might need to do with it.)

For today, the workday has ended and that means I need to go get in a workout, before I get myself too comfortable and sedentary, and in time to get myself to bed at a reasonable hour in preparation for the Wilmington trek tomorrow.

I hope all is well with you and yours.

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